AWD is all-wheel drive and FWD is front-wheel drive. The difference between the two is which sets of wheels get the power from the engine. In FWD, the engine sends power to the front axle while in AWD, the power is transmitted to both, the front, and the rear axle at the same time.

Wheel Drive Systems

There are four types of wheel drive systems. These are FWD (Front-Wheel-Drive), RWD (Real-Wheel-Drive), AWD (All-wheel-Drive), and 4 WD (Four-Wheel-Drive).

FWD cars are the most common cars today. This includes almost all models and companies of car manufacturers. The advantage with FWD is that the rear axle gets power when needed. FWD cars perform well in difficult muddy, slippery, and rainy conditions and are good when driving uphill.

RWD is mostly found in high-performance luxury sedans, pickup trucks, and sports cars. In this rear-wheel-drive system, the car is pushed from the rear. In performance vehicles, RWD works better because the weight is more evenly distributed. These days, RWD options are available in performance RWD cars. RWD provides better traction when trucks have to haul a heavy load.

Just like 4WD cars, AWD systems power each axle of the vehicle. However, AWD is unlike the 4WD in that amounts of power provided to axles are adjusted depending on the requirements of conditions. They typically balance and redistribute the power when an axle may require.

4WD is generally considered the best under off-road conditions. The examples of off-road uses are climbing steep hills under conditions of poor surface traction, scaling boulders, and traversing over deep water. The power in 4 WD is sent across all four wheels. The power is distributed equally regardless of traction.


Whether you should have AWD or FWD depends on your requirements. Do you have to use your car frequently under tough conditions? Under normal conditions, FWD can serve well. Normal conditions can include light rain and snow. AWD is the best for snow and minor off-road conditions. For severe off-road conditions, 4 WD is the best.

Both types of drives are good it just depends on the kind of activities or weather you live around will determine which is going to be the best fit for you!

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