Auto Repair Diagnosis Modesto

Have you ever gone to the doctor for a checkup because something just doesn’t seem right? Sometimes the vehicle you drive needs the same thing. The best way to find out what is causing problems with your car is to bring it in for a checkup. Our trained technicians know what to look for when performing an auto repair diagnosis and how to find solutions.  The more the information you can give the technician about your cars symptoms, the quicker they can make a correct auto repair diagnosis.

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Some symptoms you might notice:

  • Hard to start, cranks awhile before the engine starts
  • Hesitation during acceleration
  • Difficulty shifting
  • Do you experience shaking in the steering wheel,
  • Brakes hard, braking slower than it used to
  • Other items that you have noticed

Other things to consider

Take note of when the issues happen, is the issue only first thing in the morning or does it also happen after you have been driving the car?  Does the issue get worse when driving up or down hills? This kind of information will be helpful for the technician to make a proper evaluation for your cars symptoms to determine the repairs needed.

Most late-model cars have computers that sense what is going on in the engine to maintain its optimum performance.  Our technicians will use specialized testing equipment that provides codes suggesting what the problem might be so they can make the right evaluation.  These electronic codes only point to an area of concern, for example, not enough oxygen could indicate a faulty sensor or a blocked filter or some other issue.  This is where our technical experience comes in to determine the actual solution.  The ACE-certified technician will then do a visual examination and determine what is causing the issues with your vehicle. That way they can give you an informed repair solution.

Here at Walker’s Automotive, we work with you to keep your vehicle operating at its best.  After we have a diagnosis, we will discuss the repair options with you and come up with a plan of action. Some maintenance items can be delayed some items need to be performed right away either for your safety or to prevent damage to your engine.  After you have approved the work we can complete it and get you safely back on the road.

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