Wheel Bearing Replacement

Wheel Bearing Replacement

Have you noticed as you’re driving your car down the road and accelerate how smoothly it feels as you go faster, ok, legally… or as you are turning around corners on the road like James Bond that the car responds to your requests from the steering wheel without hesitation? This is all part of the four wheels and tires making contact with the road.  If you aren’t feeling this contact with the road, it might be time for a wheel bearing replacement.

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What are wheel bearings?

The tires rotate on the axles and are connected to the hubs of your car because of a small part called a Wheel Bearing. The Wheel Bearing consists of two parts on each wheel. They are small but very important because they let the car roll down the road efficiently. There are four on every car, one on each side of the front of the vehicle, one on each side of the back of the vehicle. The wheel bearings work every time your car is moving down the road.

Wheel bearing inspection

It is a good idea to have the wheel bearings inspected by one of our Qualified Certified Technicians every two years that you drive your car. If you have purchased the car used, it is good preventative maintenance to have the wheel bearings inspected so that you aren’t surprised soon after your purchase the vehicle.

When you need a wheel bearing replacement

Wheel Bearings do wear out over time. Inspections are fairly easy by a certified technician. If you feel a shaking or bouncing motion in the steering wheel as your driving, this could be an indication of a wheel bearing issue. Sometimes this can also be felt thru the driver seat of the car.

The sooner you detect issues with the steering or bouncing and have the possible concerns checked out, the less repair damage that could be happening to your car. Another side effect of worn wheel bearings is it can affect the tire wear on your vehicle. That can be expensive to replace.

Inspection and repair by our certified mechanics doesn’t take long. All of our technicians will perform the necessary repairs and get your vehicle back on the road quickly.

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