Troubleshoot & Repair Wheel Chair Lift Modesto

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Troubleshoot & Fix Broken Wheelchair Lift

Broken hydraulics got you down? This could leave you stranded and completely ruin your day, weekend plans or your entire trip. Well we don’t want you to be stranded so if your need to troubleshoot lift, we have a few ways you can troubleshoot your wheelchair lift to see if you can fix it yourself and get you back on the road again.

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If your hydraulic wheelchair won’t deploy there are a few tricks you can try for to troubleshoot lift:

  • Start the car
  • Check that the pendant power is on
  • Ensure the interlock system is set, turn the ignition, set emergency break and turn the lift power on.
  • Check hand pendant, turn the power on, visually inspect the cables to the pendant.
  • Inspect the ground connection, check to make sure there isn’t any salt corrosion.
  • Flip the switch to check it is working

You should always keep your owner’s manual in the vehicle with you to ensure that you can “check the book” in case anything goes wrong for all the issues that could arise at a moment’s notice. In just a minute I am going to cover a few other common problems that could come up with your lift.

A few common problems that we’ve seen with your wheelchair lift that you can look up in your manual are:

  • Outboard Stop Flaps Malfunctions
  • Damaged Parts
  • Ground Connections
  • Lift Hydraulics
  • Wear and Tear
  • Salt Damage
  • Cables Crimped
  • Fuses Blown

These are common problems found in a troubleshoot lift because these machines gain wear and tear, sometimes exposed to the elements. It happens we know that but sometimes the fix can be simple which is why we suggest that you carry your owner’s manual for the wheelchair lift in the vehicle with you. Simple problems are going to have simple fixes – we don’t want to you to worry about being stranded anywhere and if there is an issue you can fix from the manual, give us a call at Auto Farm Mobility Evanston. We can help walk you through some troubleshooting issues that may not be in your manual and get you and your vehicle back on the road again safely.

At Walker’s Automotive our certified technicians will make an evaluation on what repairs should be performed to get your wheelchair lift operating safely again.  Schedule an appointment today!