Driver’s in Modesto, CA and beyond choose Subaru vehicles for many great reasons. The unique engineering, reliability, safety ratings, and renowned AWD systems definitely set Subaru models apart from other makes. At Walker’s Automotive, we specialize in expert Subaru service and understand the standout qualities that Subaru owners value.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

Subaru’s specially developed Symmetrical AWD system provides excellent traction and control in all conditions. Power flows evenly to all four wheels for confidence on wet roads, snow, or dirt. Subaru’s AWD feels balanced and surefooted in corners too. Their AWD works full-time, without the need to switch modes.

Boxer Engines

The horizontally opposed “boxer” configuration of Subaru engines allows them to be mounted lower in the chassis for better handling and stability. Their smooth power delivery, efficiency, and reliability make boxer engines truly unique.

Passenger Protection

Subaru prioritizes safety, as evidenced by their many models earning IIHS Top Safety Pick status over the years. Their Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame provides all-around protection. Advanced airbag systems and Collision Detection systems add further peace of mind.

All-Weather Capability

Rugged construction, ample ground clearance, and water-resistant interiors enable Subarus to handle any weather condition – rain, snow, mud, and anything in between. Their sure-footed nature gives you confidence to keep driving in foul weather when other vehicles stay parked.

Retained Value

The combination of reliability, safety, and demand for Subaru vehicles results in some of the best resale value on the market. Subarus hold their value exceptionally well should you ever decide to sell or trade yours in.

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To keep your Subaru running at its best, proper maintenance from experts is key. Walker’s Automotive in Modesto specializes in Subaru service, repairs, and maintenance. Our technicians follow strict factory recommendations for all models, ensuring repairs are done right the first time. Contact Walker’s Automotive today to schedule service and experience why Subarus are so special.